This is Elliott Jones' blog. I am the person you see to the left. It will eventually morph into a "portfolio" site at some point (for graphic design/writing work) - now that Blogger has this "pages" feature, maybe quite soon. I will eventually purchase a domain name...

I graduated from Pepperdine University, with a BA in English Writing and Rhetoric, and a minor certificate in Non-Profit Management, in May 2009.

I am in a long-term, committed relationship with Lisa Brooks. She is the other person you see to the left.

I am passionate about music (both consuming and creating it), writing, social justice, design, long-distance running, sequential art (comics), new media/technology, culture, and some other things.

I would like to eventually become a graphic design / marketing / communications professional, hopefully either in or in some way related to the non-profit sector or at least some kind of charitable/altruistic/social-justice oriented cause.

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