I'm glad that I'm getting back into the habit of posting more often. Unfortunately, I've been getting in the habit of something else that I thought I had kicked a few weeks back. Drag.

The only reason for this post is to share the fact that, of all of the late 2000s female singer-songwriters made popular by LA's Hotel Cafe and the Hotel Cafe Tour, Priscilla Ahn is my favorite. That she is the prettiest did not factor into this decision, and I will also say that Meiko is a close, close second.

The loop pedal at the middle and end of this makes it what it is. Reminds me of this incredible Swedish singer-songwriter I saw perform when I was in DC namded Theressa Andersson, who mixes all of her stuff live with loop pedals on stage, and she sounded way better live than she does in the following video:

Hope you enjoyed the music!

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