"On (Not) Having Children"

There are 29,038,494 reasons not to have children. I was reminded of this fact early this morning as I ate oatmeal, drank coffee, and read from The Sun (some articles from which are mentioned in the previous post).

The theme of this month's issue seems to be "The Hospital," or that's what I've so far surmised (the two articles and one poem I got through this morning were all hospital- or doctor-related). The article I read this morning was in fact a short story (possibly true?) from a mother's point of view, about her 1 year-old son's week-or-so-long hospitalization. You really get into her head. It's heartbreaking.

"Selling Out"

A couple excerpts from and commentary on articles from the online (truncated) version of The Sun magazine, which my house subscribes to (and I am so, so glad that we do. Best magazine I've ever had the privilege of reading).

I. From "Who Will Heal the Healers?"

Passaro: What are some items you’ve accepted in trade from patients [for health care]?
Wible: Dog care, carpentry, gardening, massages, cleaning services. Local artisans have donated the use of a kiln and glass-fusion classes. I donate many of these traded items to other patients in need. Then there’s the delicious homemade bread and homegrown produce. I will work for food.

"Countering Social Ills in Afghanistan Through Development"

During our charla today, we watched a video about the war in Afghanistan. The point of the video was to convince the viewer that the war in Afganistan is not working and that we should withdraw our troops (instead of deploying 40,000 more troops) from the country.

The video recommended development as a more effective means of quelling anti-Western hatred, and I tend to agree. The main issue was security from an American standpoint, i.e. reducing terrorism. Well, it's obvious why war as a security measure is a fallacy; why sending more troops into a country that dislikes being occupied will not increase our security but instead will foment more anti-Westernism.

But another, often more contentious issue is the problem of social ills; of human rights issues. The situation is surely bad (from an American ideological standpoint) in Afghanistan, with human and civil rights abuses, especially directed at women, common. And a lot of Americans see the war as the means to liberate the country from the oppressive, misogynist policies of the Taliban.


I'm glad that I'm getting back into the habit of posting more often. Unfortunately, I've been getting in the habit of something else that I thought I had kicked a few weeks back. Drag.

The only reason for this post is to share the fact that, of all of the late 2000s female singer-songwriters made popular by LA's Hotel Cafe and the Hotel Cafe Tour, Priscilla Ahn is my favorite. That she is the prettiest did not factor into this decision, and I will also say that Meiko is a close, close second.

The loop pedal at the middle and end of this makes it what it is. Reminds me of this incredible Swedish singer-songwriter I saw perform when I was in DC namded Theressa Andersson, who mixes all of her stuff live with loop pedals on stage, and she sounded way better live than she does in the following video:

Hope you enjoyed the music!

"Sleep Alone"

I made this last night. I borrowed a couple books about drawing and figure drawing from the library the other day and I really want to spend a lot more of my free time practicing drawing.

Click to enlarge.