One Less Reason to Hate Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation tweeted a surprising and heavily re-tweeted announcement today:
"We're very excited to announce that coming July 1st: Free. 1 click. No registration WIFI at all US locations! :-)"
To anyone that's ever utilized a coffee shop before, this is surprising only because it's taken this long - every other (non-enormous global conglomerate) coffee shop in the United States has offered free Wi-Fi forever.

I wonder what the collective reaction is here in Seattle, Starbucks' hometown. It's easy to hate Starbucks here - there's the faux-independent coffee shop across the street from an actual independent coffee shop, there's the buying out of another local chain, there's the whole debacle with the Supersonics - granted, I don't know how Starbucks is related necessarily, as I moved here long after the Sonics were gone - but it has something to do with Schulz, Starbucks CEO.

But there are other reasons unrelated to Seattle itself - the "fact" that their mass-produced coffee lacks soul, or flavor, or both depending on who you ask; the stupid sizing names they somehow exported into everyone's self-conscious so ubiquitously that even lil' indie shops have to call their medium "grande" or nobody will understand what's going on; and not least the fact that unlike 98% of other coffee shops they charge you to use their wi-fi.

Well, that last reason is no more. This doesn't matter to me - there are other, better, local coffee shops that are open later, have better art and music, offer free refills along with their free wi-fi, etc. - but what if the closest, most convenient coffee shop to you was a Starbucks?

Do you think this is a good move for Starbucks? Will the money they made from charging for wi-fi be compensated by the increase in business as a result of these changes?
Will you frequent Starbucks now? Or do you still hate the company?
What other reasons are there to hate Starbucks?
BONUS: is it "One Less Reason" or "One Fewer Reason?" We all know which one "sounds right" but which one is "actually right?"

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